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Trying to uncover your unique value proposition? Seeking a competitive industry advantage? Struggling to connect brand activities with measurable ROI? Seachange Branding can help you own your Business Brand Groove. Your groove means traction before tactics. It means getting grounded first so you can give your customers a reason to care and connect. Seachange Branding will help you align four branding elements: Value, Vibe, Voice and Vision. It's time to claim your brand story. It's time to own your Business Brand Groove.

How do you own your Business Brand Groove? It’s easy! And it’s all about the Value, Vibe, Voice and Vision.

VALUE | Brand Truth : Value clarifies your unique product or service offering to help customers solve problems.

VIBE | Brand DNA : Vibe reflects beliefs and purpose; it’s the heart and soul of your brand and fosters connection.

VOICE | Brand Trust : Voice is shared through thought leadership and helps you carve out and own an industry niche.

VISION | Brand ROI : Vision is measured through a marketing/sales funnel to track customer engagement growth.

Meet cooldeb

Ola! I’m Debbie, aka cooldeb, and I’m the Brand Babe and Chief Seachanger behind Seachange Branding. I’ve been blessed to serve a variety of industries including advertising, furniture, higher ed and healthcare. I’ve led small and large teams, always in pursuit of storytelling to build brands and foster growth. After an amazing 20+ year ride in corporate, I chose to launch my company - and claim my story. To get my hands messy in the work instead of sitting in meetings. To serve small business instead of large enterprises. In essence? To root in my truth. To learn more about my thought leadership, please visit ‘Why Seachange Branding’ in the top nav bar. To learn more about my cooldeb side and my sidekick, see below.
Debbie aka 'cooldeb'

Debbie aka 'cooldeb'

Brand Babe + Chief Seachanger

Five fun facts: 1. Ardent advocate for inclusion and diversity. 2. Music crushes include Prince and the Stones. 3. Surfer wannabe. 4. Last meal includes fries, pizza and crabs. 5. Cultural nomad blessed to visit 14 countries.

Bo aka 'bro-be'

Bo aka 'bro-be'

Beach Boy + Chief Smile Maker

Five fun facts: 1. Prefer mulch over grass for naptime. 2. Tail wag time of the day? Morning time. 3. Slater has nothing on me; I surf hard. 4. Nuts, popcorn and sweet potatoes make me drool. 5. My gray distinguishes me.

Groove is in the heart.

Client love...

Industry: Healthcare | Dr. Pierce

Need: Website Content +Thought Leaderhip

Debbie was a great team partner. She helped my clinical practice launch our website and wrote content that was patient friendly and search friendly. ​Our other priority to build awareness for our clinic for Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. She worked with our clinical team to determine the best options for building awareness for stem cell therapy to help people with chronic pain.

Industry: Real Estate | Rick M.

Need: Brand Positioning + Key Messaging

Debbie gets it. She was able to take our ideas and craft a great brand narrative and positioning. She took a hodge podge of content and made it cohesive and responded well to our feedback. I'm extremely happy with the end product and highly recommend her if you're a business owner looking for someone to make you stand out.

Industry: Fashion Accessories | Sherri A.

Need: Company Naming

I had no idea what to call my business. But I knew I wanted a name that captured the joy I get when I make my jewelry. Debbie asked thoughtful questions to get at the core of my vision. The naming options she provided were awesome. When I saw 'Threaded Energy,' I knew my company was born.

Industry: Outdoor Recreation | Kevin H.

Need: Brand Positioning + Social Media Strategy

Debbie was great to work with. Her knowledge of branding, messaging and writing were exactly what I needed to set my company apart from the competition.

cooldeb Blog

I'm exploring coolness in life through branding, inclusion and life lessons. Join me and let's (re)define this groove together.

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