Do you need help identifying your unique value proposition to compete in the marketplace?

Welcome to Seachange Branding. I show companies how to manage their brand and differentiate from the competition. Three steps are needed to identify and communicate what makes your company unique to grow customer engagement. 1) Clarify positioning and craft key messaging. 2) Define your thought leadership and consistently share your voice across the proper channels. 3) Track customer engagement through sales funnel activity. Contact me today to discover your unique value proposition and claim your competitive edge!


Positioning is based on knowing who you are and what you stand for rather than what you do. Through my Discovery Process, I’ll identify your brand’s unique qualities to craft positioning. I’ll also create brand messaging to set you apart from the competition and build your brand story.


Your website and social media channels are where we start to communicate and share your brand with customers. And if social media has proven to be an overwhelming task, no worries! My Social Media Brand Guidelines will demonstrate how to effectively build your community.


We’ll discuss goals, competitor gaps and the problems your customers are facing to ensure your thought leadership voice closes those gaps and offers solutions. Based on this insight, I'll devise a content strategy coordinating timing, key messages and communication channels.


Customer engagement growth is tracked across the sales funnel: attract, convert, close and delight. I'll help you determine where your customers are in their Buyer’s Journey. And I’ll leverage your content strategy to successfully move your customers through the sales funnel.


Are your clients asking for campaigns targeting several demographic groups? Do you know how to craft messaging and design visuals to engage diverse audiences? Seachange Branding is available to help ensure campaign creative is cohesively aligned, effective and inclusive.

Seachange Branding’s core values are the cornerstones for building partnerships and guiding the branding process.

Discovery reveals who you are and what you stand for.

Engagement grows through meaningful, relevant stories.

Community fosters candid customer interaction.

Clarity distills the core mission of your brand.

Authenticity is speaking the truth – your truth.


Meet the Seachange Branding Crew

We believe in and support humble hearts. As part of our small business venture, Seachange Branding is honored to partner with Wine To Water. Founder Doc Hendley: "I dreamed of building an organization to fight water-related death and disease using different methods than anyone else - by pouring wine and playing music.” We are honored to be a tithing partner. Learn more at
Debbie aka 'cooldeb'

Debbie aka 'cooldeb'

Brand Babe + Chief Seachanger

Five fun facts: 1. Dedicated advocate for inclusion and diversity. 2. Music crushes include Prince and the Stones. 3. Surfer wannabe - the soul soars when oceanside. 4. Last meal includes fries, pizza and crabs. 5. Cultural nomad blessed to visit 14 countries.

Bo aka 'bro-be'

Bo aka 'bro-be'

Beach Boy + Chief Smile Maker

Five fun facts: 1. Prefer mulch over grass for naps. 2. Stoked when everyone wakes up to receive good morning licks. 3. Slater has nothing on me; I surf hard. 4. Nuts, popcorn and sweet potatoes make me drool. 5. The gray means I'm distinguished.

Yes! You CAN create your own AWESOME brand messaging!

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I'm exploring coolness in life. Join me and let's (re)define cool together. Themes: Marketing, Inclusion, Leadership and Cool Living.

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