I founded Seachange Branding to arm startups and SMBs with the right tools to clarify business positioning, leverage thought leadership and carve a competitive advantage within their market sectors. I also wanted to forge creative partnerships with ad agencies and web designers to meet client growth goals. The term 'seachange' means transformation - a new perspective. Together, let’s explore unexpected approaches for solving customer problems. Together, let’s share stories and build memorable brands.

"Creativity is breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way."

Edward de Bono, Physician, Author & Inventor

Every company needs content. I write, edit, optimize and publish content to bring brands to life. I capture your brand story in an authentic, honest and relatable manner. In addition, I manage content through its lifestyle, aligning with your business goals and analyses. I bring clarity to branding by focusing on three, core elements – value, voice and vision – positioning, thought leadership and your competitive advantage. 
  • Copy for websites, emails, social media, podcasting, brochures, booklets, ads, video scripting, infographics

  • Thought leadership content for articles, blogs, speeches, addresses, ebooks, eguides, tip sheets

  • My strategy aligns seven areas for seamless integration between your content and your brand

  • Positioning statements, unique value props, taglines, key messaging, messaging proof points 

  • Brand stories, brand narratives, elevator speeches

  • Thought leadership niche or voice of authority to claim your industry’s competitive advantage


Client and agency love...

Healthcare | Dr. Pierce

Website Content + Blogging + Customer Growth

"Debbie is a great team partner. She helped my clinical practice launch our website and wrote content that was patient friendly and search friendly. She launched our blog too. I wanted to focus on increasing our patient conversions for our Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy program. Debbie partnered with our clinical team over the course of six months to streamline our seminar events and increase social engagement on Facebook."

Education | Agency Partner | Andrea S.


"I've been fortunate to partner with Debbie for many years. The projects we've worked together on feature content strategy and development. She listens to my ideas and helps me carry them out with great success. She’s a pleasure to be around and partner with. I am grateful for our collaborations and working relationship."

Business Management | Steve B.


"Debbie is amazing. She thinks about things that the rest of us overlook. As a result, we have discovered deeper insights and ideas in our branding. Debbie is a brand champion. Her business savvy is complemented by her creative understanding and mastery of branding."

Healthcare & Wellness | Gaby I.


"Ive worked with Debbie for several years and I've seen her excel not only in branding, but also in content marketing. She helped develop a content calendar based on topics aligned with our goal of building authority and thought leadership. Debbie's knowledge in content strategy had a significant impact in increasing our brand awareness. She's passionate, highly organized and a joy to work with. "

Real Estate | Rick M.

Brand Positioning + Key Messaging

"Debbie gets it. She was able to take our ideas and craft a great brand narrative and positioning. She took a hodge podge of content and made it cohesive. I'm extremely happy with the end product and highly recommend her if you're a business owner looking for someone to make you stand out."

Fashion | Sherri A.


"I had no idea what to call my business. But I knew I wanted a name that captured the joy I get when I make my jewelary. Debbie asked thoughtful questions to get at the core of my vision. The naming options she provided were awesome. When I saw 'Threaded Energy,' I knew my company was born."

Seachange Branding Blog

I write from three perspectives. Professionally, I share branding tips and insight tailored for startups and small businesses. Personally, I reflect on the life lessons I’ve learned through humility, grace and humor. And from a place of passion, I write as an advocate for diversity on the value of difference.

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