My 3 words for 2015

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One of my most popular cooldeb posts last year was entitled, My 3 words for 2014. I got the idea from blogger SuzeMuse, who was inspired by Chris Brogan.

In short, it’s a way to approach the New Year with renewal and resolution to inspire a sense of being and purpose. I rather like this over adopting resolutions; I need personal inspiration to just be.

While a set of three words doesn’t guarantee a perfectly charted course for the upcoming year, it can ignite a fresh approach for you to center your mindset and actions.

For 2014, my words were Inquisitive, Carefree and WaterFor 2015…


Synonyms for fearless are pretty fun.

Lionhearted – constantly challenging one’s self. Taking every single opportunity without regrets. Learning, developing and seeing beauty in all kinds of moments in life no matter how big/small they may be.

Plucky – having or showing determined courage.

Audacious – see below. Don’t miss brazen, brassy and bodacious.

Indomitable – impossible to subdue or defeat.

Photo Credit: Visual Thesaurus (

 Photo Credit: Visual Thesaurus, Website:


I’m ready to shake things up. I’m seeking a mixology of life and sure, why not throw a cocktail in there too?

Poised to face new challenges and maybe even have an ‘Oh My!’ moment…yes, I officially put that in writing!

At the crux of this pursuit of fearlessness is a move to Florida. I’m ready to land, live and thrive in my new homeland. With that said, I aim to go boldly with confidence and enthusiasm to venture anew.


Voice for 2015 means a couple of different things to me.

Illness of inequity

Devonte Hall, a 12-year-old boy, hugging Sgt. Bret Barnum at a Ferguson protest held in Oregon. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Johnny Huu Nguyen


1) To have a more broadly defined national voice for equity and fairness. I’m talking about our current dialogue on race relations. It’s time ya’ll. It’s time to reexamine what we believe to be and then truly listen to lived experience and join together to rewrite the story.

2) To have my own. This encompasses the workplace to elevate marketing and branding communication, as well as social network engagement, like this blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I’ve been doggedly intentional on sharing my voice and engaging others. Here’s to further exchanges in 2015!


First, let me begin with what Dazz isn’t.

It doesn’t mean dazzle or bedazzle. While I do embrace my inner gurl self, I’m not wired to shine in this manner.

Dazz photo

Photo Credit: YouTube, Website:


I’m hearkening back to the 1970s, to the time of Dazz by Brick. If you are new to the game, Dazz = Disco + Jazz. Give it a listen.

For me, disco is seizing fun and being easy. It’s going with the flow, dancing incessantly and carrying on. Jazz is being cooler than cooldeb while embracing complication. It’s seizing the rhythm of life and breathing with the rhythm of life.

Now my turn to you. What are YOUR three words? What will engage your mind, heart and soul to inspire meaning, movement and frivolity for your new year of 2015?


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kim armsworthy · at

breathe, pause, repeat

SD CJ · at

healthy-discipline, simple-wisdom (I cheated by hyphenating ), love.

CT · at

Great post; very inspiring! Happy 2015!

My three words are passion, purpose and experience!

    CT · at

    I also like balance, act, love.

Kay Myers · at

embrace, simple, hooray.

embrace people, ideas, and life.
keep it simple. the little things. no overthinking.
hooray. celebrate! encourage others to do the same!

dorlee m · at

I like your three words/combination!

I think it’s wonderful that [fearless] you want to shake things up, [voice] take a stand and [dazz] seizing fun.

Wishing you a happy new year!

Lyda · at

I so love your three words. I kinda think you already have Fearless and Voice down. Still thinking about what mine might be.

slydawgg · at

You are already fearless, but I guess you can still use it this year. You always amaze me in your thoughts, and I so look forward to continuing to see future years direction. This year I chose Believe, Passion, Expand. (

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