The agency world is a unique niche. There’s an ethos…a mindset and culture. It’s a rare yet beautiful space where creativity and strategy are equally invited to the brainstorming table. Camaraderie is fostered and when someone says, ‘there are no bad ideas,’ it’s actually a true statement.

Getting started in the agency world

Right out of college, my first job was in sales at a full-service advertising agency. I can still recall the excitement I felt when I landed a big account in the apparel industry. They became a key client for several years. I went on to work for other creative-based companies, eventually returning to an agency setting as an Account Manager for a communications company.

The view from the client side

I spent 15 years in marketing leadership positions at large nonprofits. In these roles, I managed the search process and directed agency partnerships. I enjoyed working with creative visionaries outside the corporate structured walls because political boundaries and limitations were secondary. It was my job to demonstrate how a fresh, creative approach aligned with tactical execution, could meet organizational planning goals. I avoided the infamous “I like” syndrome by focusing on ROI performance and fulfillment of business objectives.

Returning to my creative roots

As the Founder and President of Seachange Branding, I partner with ad agencies and web developers to meet client growth goals. Whether I’m leading a website build from scratch, devising editorial calendars to guide content development or writing blog posts, I thrive on collaborative partnerships with agency teams to leverage artistic expertise.

Content and branding services include:

  • Strategic content planning to support annual goals for digital placement
  • Optimized content for websites and blogs
  • Brand messaging for customer communications such as email and social media campaigns
  • Brand management expertise including positioning, messaging, standards, compliance and governance best practices

I’d love to jump on a 30-minute complimentary video chat to discuss your client’s needs. Email me at to book.