If you’re launching a business or wanting to grow one, think about your plan for brand management.

  • What problem are you solving? 

  • Why you?

  • What does your company stand for? 

These simple questions should be top-of-mind in order to differentiate your business competitively. In his book Content Inc., Joe Pulizzi states, “You need something to stand out and separate yourself from the pack. Why should anyone choose you? Why are you special?” 

I will help you identify the unique qualities that define your company’s mission and vision.

I define brands through three elements: Value, Voice and Vision

  • Value is the positioning of your unique product/service to help customers solve problems
  • Voice is your story expressed through beliefs and the purpose behind your business
  • Vision is how you see your business distinguished from the competition

Debbie is amazing. She thinks about things the rest of us overlook. As a result, we have discovered deeper insights and ideas in our branding. Her business savvy is complemented by her creative understanding and mastery of branding.” Steve B. | Business Management

A toolkit is a valuable resource for brand management. I customize brand toolkits specifically for startups and SMBs. Key elements include:

  • Competitive analyses: assessing competitive brand positioning and messaging to differentiate your business

  • Customer persona: creating a demographic profile for your ideal customer

  • Value proposition: clarifying your expertise, industry authority and personality

  • Elevator speech: creating a 30-second version of your brand story  

  • Key messaging: identifying proof points to support your business story

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