Exploring Thailand in awesome Asia

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This is part one of a three-part series exploring my travels in Asia.

Over a decade ago, I began globetrotting around the world on a biennial basis. It was a commitment I made to myself to experience cultural difference. I also committed to noting the date on my calendar and honor each annual anniversary. So far, I think I’m tracking a pretty sweet travel list.

England, Belgium, Austria and Italia defined my first journey abroad eleven years ago. Portugália remains my most favorite cross-cultural excursion. The pursuit of my master’s degree took me to three different countries via Germany, Italia and España.

Asia became a destination simply to shake up my life. And a shake up, it delivered.

This month, I’m trying something a little different with my cooldeb blog. To honor the June anniversary of my Awesome Asia journey, I’ll be posting on a weekly basis. Through more pictures than words, I humbly hope to transport you to an Awesome Asia experience. First up, Thailand.

Bamboozled in Bangkok.

My pictures don’t capture it but if you ever wonder what a city mashup between New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta would feel like, go to Bangkok. Life is lived in the streets: working, cooking, walking, eating, conversing and scootering among zillions of people. It was clustered; I felt flustered.


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

A sewer making a living in the streets of Bangkok


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

A woman prepares food and obliges me with a photo and a smile 


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

The Royal Palace, one of our cultural destinations


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Zim and I exploring Bangkok on a “bicycle rickshaw” 


Exhaling in Krabi.

Krabi is a waterside town so with water in eye’s view, I exhaled from the bustle of Bangkok. On our one night there, we went to an amazing farmers market and evening festival. Before we left the next morning, I got my first run in. More exhale. Krabi centered my cultural compass.


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Musicians performing at the city market 


Exploring Asia in Awesome Asia

Food stand in the city market 


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Live art on a human statue  


 Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia
Zim and I traveling to Krabi 


Reveling in Railay.

After a water-soaked boat ride to this astounding island, we jumped overboard into knee-deep water and put our luggage on our shoulders to trek in. Railay delivered natural excursions galore. We explored Diamond Cave and swam in the Andaman Sea. We climbed through caverns, fed monkeys and shared a walk path with a komodo dragon. I found my travel groove in Railay.


Exploring Awesome Asia in Thailand

Arriving by boat to Railey


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Monkeys abound on the paths around the island 


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Beach chill, Thai style 


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Sheer joy in Railay. Photo credit: Zim Ugochukwu 


Lights out in Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Island is remote, which translates to having electricity for a few hours each day, cold water showers and island animals that join you wherever you are. There are only a handful of places to stay and two things to do: Lie on the beach and hike Bamboo Mountain. Phi Phi is being carefree. 


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia
 Arriving by boat to Phi Phi Island


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

The humble abode 


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Beach view


Exploring Thailand in Awesome Asia

Zim and I standing at the peak of Bamboo Mountain

Next week, I will post on Malaysia and Indonesia. Thank you for indulging me as I celebrate my Awesome Asia anniversary.


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Elna · at

What great memories. I agree, travelling to different countries and cultures makes one such a ‘rich ‘ person.

Pam T. · at

This was awesome to read, Debbie!! I am so proud of you and for you. What an amazing trip and life you are living. Love you, much.

John E. · at

Love your photography, Debbie.

Theresa Hunter · at

Some of these pictures are breath taking! Wish I could have been with you!

S.D. James · at

You are a blessed and beautiful individual. Thank you for sharing. Love.

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