Giving thanks for Anna Maria Island

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It’s November, the nationally designated month when we gather with family and friends to give thanks. Before I  planned what kind of turkey to debut this year, I was blessed with an opportunity for an unplanned escape. In this gratitude month of November, I give thanks for fellowship and for a special Florida Gulf getaway – Anna Maria Island.

Oddly enough, I discovered Anna Maria is not a commonly known destination by Floridians. Yet, in my old school home of North Carolina, friends often visit this barrier island. And thus my journey with two besties, kind enough to include me. Props Kay and Cindy.

See for yourself as I share pictures over words. Express grace and being in the moment. Honor friendship and my (still) new home of Florida.

I welcome your thoughts and shared Anna Maria experiences. I equally welcome your views on whatever moves your soul to give thanks and gratitude.

Two women stand on the sand of gulf coast with sun setting over the water as seagulls fly overhead

Gulls and the gurls 


The sun sets with an orange and dark blue background and a dark blue low tide at the Florida gulf coast of Anna Maria Island

Another sensational sunset

A pale yellow sun sets on the navy blue water of the Florida gulf at low tide

Ripples of gulf love


Three female friends with sunglasses smile on the beach of Anna Maria Island in Florida as the sun sets with sand in the background

Beach babes in their element


Three friends smile together in Anna Maria Island in front of unknown stores.

Shopping yard sales and church bazaars


Looking out on a point on the gulf coast of Florida with a pine tree to the left and small waves with foam rolling on the sand

The breathtaking point


A white crane walks towards the blue green water of the Florida gulf with seaweed on the sand and rocks in the background

Toe dipping


The sun sets undre a blue and pink sky with a pine tree in the foreground of the west coast of Florida in Anna Maria Island

Deckside at sunset
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kimberly armsworthy · at

i’m grateful for your continued share of beauty of your shores as well as your true emotions. i’m more than grateful this year for the man who sleeps next to me and being able to wake up to that beautiful love every morning.

    Cooldeb · at

    Thank you Kim. I appreciate the eyes and comments. I love to hear from readers. And I know your gratefulness for Eddie.

Kathleen Donohue · at

Thanks for sharing. I believe this is one of the best sunsets in Florida. The ocean is so calm, clear and shallow for what feels like miles. Dee and I would bike ride around the island daily looking at cool houses and community.

    cooldeb · at

    Thanks for sharing your experience Kathleen. There is, indeed, a special air about Anna Maria Island.

Kay Myers · at

So thankful for finding this perfectly tranquil place 20 years ago. Not to mention having my best friend and sister share the beauty of it with me. I love that your new home of Florida is where we want to land someday. Many more wonderful adventures in our future. 🙂 xoxo

    cooldeb · at

    I am grateful for your gem discovery twenty years ago. Thank you for sharing your island getaway with me and Cindy!

Theresa Hunter · at

Absolutely beautiful!

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