Giving thanks for the odd trifecta of podcasts, people and pill popping

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Ah, it’s November and it’s Fall ya’ll. The air is crisp and cool. Yes, even in Florida we’ve had cooler, grayer and fall-like weather. The month of November commemorates a few things. There’s No Shave November for those who wish to skip shaving to honor cancer awareness. And we have the Thanksgiving holiday (yaas ya’ll!) – a time for giving thanks.

For me, the true beauty of this holiday is the grace. It’s about sharing the often and unintentionally passed over bounty of our blessings. The holiday begs us to slow down and shine a light on the people and places and events and things filling our souls with happiness.

So, I thought I’d do a post on a few things I’m thankful for connected to my blog themes of branding, inclusion and cool living (aka lifestyle). My themes represent my profession, passion and personality. And indeed, I want to give thanks for all three.

Listen to podcasts and get schooled

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I totally dig podcasts and as a result, I’m giving thanks. They’re the perfect platform for insight, information and inspiration – all on demand. Whatever you want to know and whomever you want to connect with, podcasts need to be your jam.

I welcome my mornings with a daily devotional podcast when I walk Bo. I listen throughout the day as I work to glean industry expertise and power through my day. And I listen when I drive to client meetings to feed my brain and stay current on topics that matter to me.

Also, I’m a big proponent of sharing subject matter expertise to help customers and provide value. Podcasts give businesses a channel to share thought leadership and build trust. And trust fosters belief. As a result, if listeners believe in what you’re saying, they’ll trust your brand and explore/purchase whatever your offering – eBooks, online courses and conferences.

Here are a few cooldeb fave podcasts:

Daily Devotionals:

Industry Insight:

Culture and Life:

Doing right by customers

Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

For many reasons, I’m drawn to the practice of inclusion and diversity. When I say practice, I mean the discussion and the actualization of it. The topic can be a tough conversation for some, yet it doesn’t have to be if you believe in and intentionally seek the value of difference. And once we begin to talk, we can take steps to engage and embrace because we’re seeing and hearing in a new light.

I give thanks for the changes I’m beginning to see in advertising, particularly television advertising when it comes to inclusion. For example, I see a difference in how couples and families are portrayed: Black, brown and biracial. International cultures. Gay and lesbian – hopefully soon transgender.

The New York Times shared a post about this change in TV ads. And while I question showing interracial couples and gay and lesbian couples as defining a “modern society” and being “open-minded and progressive,” I do appreciate the reference of “doing right by customers” as we face and embrace a “polarized nation.”

I’m giving thanks for brands who understand their customers are diverse and they choose to represent their customer base in their ads. They’re choosing to portray families in truthful, authentic and relevant creative. This is actually fostering customer feedback, both pro and con. It’s needed because unfortunately, we’re all growing more apprehensive due to our polarization, thus the importance of dialogue.

Why I’m a pill popping Mama

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In the middle of this craze-filled opiod epidemic and the desire to solve all health ailments with a pill, I’m giving thanks for just that. For example, it it wasn’t for my pill popping mix of Gabapentin (knee), Sotalol (heart), Prednisone (appetite) and Palladia (chemo), the love of my life wouldn’t be alive – and actually thriving.

First things first, do know I went into this world kicking and screaming when it came to treating Bo, my black lab son. I literally cried during the first rounds of chemo. The pills aren’t painful for him. At the same time, I’m pumping him with chemo and more, which bothered me as a healthcare professional and natural advocate. Yet as I did, I watched my son return to his normal self.

Don’t get me wrong, Bo’s care goes well beyond the drugs. We move and exercise 3x a day. We put sand under our feet and breathe in salt air. I feed him immune boosting, good-for-dog human foods such as fish, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes and vegetables. In addition, I actually also talk to the cancer. If you read my Cancer 101 post, you know we’re intentionally choosing to WIN CANCER OVER. Consequently, I’m indeed grateful for the role of drugs in keeping my son vibrant and active a year later after our initial diagnosis.

I’m curious to know what YOU’RE thankful for. A milestone in your career? A plunge forward in your passion area? A sweet spot in your personal life? Do and tell.

And as always, if you want help managing your brand with a podcast, advertising or online activities, reach out to me. On a personal note, I’m also available if your four-legged baby is winning over cancer and you need to talk through strategy and strength.

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