Gracias Isla Cozumel

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Recently, I was blessed to visit Mexico and indulge in the awesomeness of Cozumel. Thank you mi amiga Kim! While we weren’t necessarily off the grid, it was a much-needed and appreciated cultural change. I have never seen so many shades of a smoky blue sky streaked against the mint greens of gulf waters. I found myself simply staring and wondering about the sea life below.

Blue skies and green waters of the Gulf of Mexico seen from the shore of Punta Sur

We found out about the underworld on a half day snorkeling excursion. What an incredible experience! As we viewed the life below, we saw a nurse shark, a sting ray, starfish the size of beach balls and fish of every color. Regrettably, I didn’t have a GoPro nor did I splurge for an underwater camera. So you will have to take my ‘fins to the left and fins to the right’ word for it!

Two girls smile while holding snorkeling fins in their hands on the beach in Cozumel

We had an amazing opportunity to take part in a sea turtle search and rescue. Suffice it to say, Kim and I were not the best diggers! We had to carve a three-foot deep hole that was about one foot wide. Oddly, we seemed to excel at the opposite: one foot deep holes that were quite wide and therefore, caved in. Often. On our third hole, we nailed it! We rescued an albino baby – odds are one in 5000. To say we were proud would be an understatment.

A dozen rescued baby sea turtles in a teal colored basket after a search and rescue effort at the beach in Cozumel

Sometimes you live moments and you think, this is cool. Then you look back and go, WOW. That was WAY cool.

A close up photo of a sea turtle in the hand of a woman so you can see the head and body

Another amazing experience? Mayan Cafe. When you order this, it is a 15 minute presentation. They actually dimmed the restaurant lights and when our waiter Eric finished, diners applauded. Snifters, brandy, heat, Mayan liquor, café and showmanship. All I know is that it’s heavenly and divine!

Man pours Mayan liquor between pitchers that has been heated to make Mayan Cafe in restaurant in Cozumel

When you travel, a journey is not a journey without meeting new amigos. A big boom BAH to our New England mates that we met the first night over cocktails and a Patriot game. Your storytelling, phraseology, quick wit and family self checks made us laugh out loud more than a hundred times.

Five women and a man hug each other and laugh over dinner in a restaurant in Cozumel

I humbly say gracias Isla Cozumel. Simple and straight from the heart. You are muy bonita!

A view of the Gulf of Mexico through palm trees and white sand in Cozumel

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Saundretta James · at

Reading this felt so WARM and INTIMATE. My favorite part of travelling is meeting new friends. Those are the best travel memories! You deserved this joy. It takes strength to feel joy and enjoy moments like this! It bring tears to eyes that you rescued turtles! That IS way cool. Your life is precious. I feel like a gem to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing cool Deb. Keep being yourself.

Dee Taylor · at

I loved this the way you describe the water I could feel it .. My favorite the rescue of the turtles my heart was joyful and the pictures were so special .. It’s so wonderful to open yourself up to new things and journeys .. I’m glad I came to your 50th birthday bash not knowing anyone that night but the host of the party .. I met several beautiful interesting smart ladies and have remained friends since then .. You were one of those ladies and I’m glad I made the journey to celebrate COOL DEB .. Keep up the Beauty in life .. !! Peace hugs and love my friend !!

Mary Michaux · at

Deb, looks like an amazing trip! I am so glad that you were able to be there! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Pictures look very similar to my Maui journey. Tyler took most of the pictures so hopefully will post soon!

Theresa · at

What an amazing trip/experience! And I love turtles! When we went on our disney cruise we got to swim with sea turtles in St. Thomas and it is one of my favorite life experiences. Thanks for sharing!

Martha · at

Sounds like a great trip of amusement and learning. More to add to your life’s memories. Thanks for sharing.

Merlyn · at

Wow Deb… awesome – looks like such a great time. Isn’t it just amazing to meet kindred spirits.. Favorite travel is back home (Jamaica) or to Dominica (Michael’s home), and just spending days in and around water. Just rejuvenating and refreshing…and of course ‘da food’!!

Lynn Wright · at

So glad you had a wonderful vacation !!! Hope there’s many more 🙂

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