What is the greatest risk you’ve taken in life?

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The word risk appearing as a key on a keyboard

Good question to ponder, particularly if you consider risk in the mix with control, options and our must do’s in life.

I invite you to reflect back to a time when you had a serious gut check. The kind of check that made your stomach hurt, yet you believed. Maybe you had a series of events that defined a unique opportunity. Or perhaps your greatest risk is on the near horizon.

Allow me to kickstart this conversation…

A risk that chose me. And it was a game changer.

When I was three-years-old, Mum made a big decision. She chose to get out of her marriage. Details aren’t important.

What is important to know is that her risk-taking informed my self-worth as a woman. It also gave me visual representation of strength.

She left with only me and the clothes on our backs. No job. No car. No driver’s license. No money banked up. She didn’t ask for anything and she never looked back.

These early decisions plotted a course for my independent thinking, believing, reckoning, owning and pursuing of life’s possibilities.

My mum holding me in a blanket a few months after I was born

Mum and me, early life in Texas. Nothing but love. 

The lessons I’ve learned from this turning point have occurred across the journey of my lifetime. I process these moments in a completely different way as time passes. I continuously redefine Mum’s courage and spirit for making this monumental decision. And man, some incredibly amazing strangers came into our lives and became our new family. Fodder for a different post!

A trifecta moment of personal risk

In a single year, I experienced three things I never imagined possible.

I bought my first house.

I pursued a master’s degree.

I traveled abroad for the first time.

My original home buying plan was a five-year plan. It turned into a ten-year odyssey. Pursuing a graduate degree was wildly challenging and equally rewarding. On the international front, I was immediately enamored with cultural difference and thus, the mad love affair began. These three risks established a strong foundation of ‘Yes, I can.’ Echo Mum.

Boats and flowers line a canal in Venice, Italy

Europia Utopia. The canals of Venezia in Italia.

Now, it’s your turn. I’d love to hear about your greatest risk(s) taken or one on the horizon. Add your thoughts in the comments section below. There is no specific shape, size, value or order. It’s all about the sharing and learning from one another.

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helenhebert58 · at

Your Mum, the quiet lioness! I never doubt you would kick ass in grad. school. You’ve taken some new risks recently and have brilliantly survived and thrived. Cheers to your Mum for instilling some very hard lessons early in your life.

    cooldeb · at

    Thank you for your comment Helen. I am who I am because of Mum’s spirit, insight and intellect. You have stepped up to many risks as well. I have watched and learned…

Karen Gallagher · at

I made the decision to end a 21 year marriage and with an 8 year old son! It was risky because I had gone from a very sheltered life to college and to a marriage. I had never taken care of myself – all by myself never mind have a young child to care for along with me. The divorce was messy but I stayed true to myself and made it! The risk was worth the journey I have taken. My son is amazing, my friendships would have never taken place without the risky and I would have lost my family without the risk. Thanks for asking!

    cooldeb · at

    Thanks for sharing Karen. Courage, gut trust. Yes!

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