Kicked back in the Keys

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Recently, I was blessed to join friends as they vacationed in Florida. While I was not ‘wasted away again in Margaritaville,’ I was definitely kicked back in the Keys. Thank you Kay and Russ.

If you are not aware, the Florida Keys consist of more than Key West. They include four main areas: Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and Key West. And tucked into these main areas are twenty-one smaller Keys. From top to bottom, it’s a straight shot and takes three hours.

Sensational sunsets in the Keys

Key Largo did not disappoint and served up some of the most beautiful sky eye candy I’ve experienced. Don’t take me at my word; see for yourself. There is something almost religious-like as you watch your day come to a close with water as your backyard. Can you say peace, exhalation and joy? I most certainly did.

The sun sets on the water the Keys of Key Largo with blue and orange skies, palm trees in black silouette and boats on the horizon

The sun begins to set in a golden yellow sky seen through tree leaves at the Keys in Key Largo

A woman throws her hands up in joy as the sun sets on the the Keys water in Key Largo and she is in silohouette

Animal life

There was no shortage of animal life sharing in our water views. As we snorkeled at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, we met this guy on the shore.

A white and grey bird walks arcross the sand in the Florida Keys with a tree trunk in the foreground

Most noteworthy were the dolphins living next door at Dolphins Plus.  Each evening, I would peer over our shared fence in the backyard. I thoroughly enjoyed their flirtatious swimming rolls and pfft exhalations as they swam by. Pure joy.

A dolphin swims in the Gulf with green reefs below off of the Keys in Key Largo

Catching a breeze in the Keys

So what do you do when it’s bloody hot and humid outside and the sweat begins to roll down your body before you even take your first step? You schedule a boat ride and go snorkeling to take in the wonder of the Gulf. While I did not see the amazing fish views my mates did, it was equally amazing to swim in one of God’s pools and take in the life below.

The turquoise green gulf water with soft white waves rolling behind a ship sailing in the Keys

A man and two women smile for the camera on a ship as they head out on the gulf in Key West

Fabulous front porches

Ya’ll, it’s Key West. As a result, you cannot walk down a street without turning your head and sighing out loud, ‘Oh my. Look at THIS one.’ (Right, Kay?!)

A two story house in Key West with white columns, grey siding a bike hitched to the top outside rail of the house

A front porch in Key West with green palms, a pink bike, a blue rocking chair and steps

A front porch in Key West with turquoise shutters, a white picket fence and green palm trees

A front porch of a two story house in Key West with a brown and grey stone wall, wood doros, lavendar beams and porch pegs

Sassy signage

Because gorgeous front porches are not enough.

A white, front porch in Key West with a white sign and black letters sign that says Beware pickpockets and loose women

A white porch in Key West with a sign with black and red letters that says Wanted nude dancers for friday nights. Must have neat appearance and perform with dignity and modesty.

I welcome your thoughts and shared Florida Keys journeys via the comments section. Most of all, I am especially curious if you are loose or looking for a dance gig.

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Helen D Hebert · at

Water. It can bring us peace. It can create horrible destruction. I experienced the destruction during Agnes in 1972. Homes, stores and grave sites washed away. But, more often, I have experienced the calmness, thrill and joy of waves, raindrops &, flowing streams from the feel and sounds of water. My parents loved taking us camping on the rivers and lakes of PA. I never tire of watching and listening to the ocean. For my 40th birthday George took me to Key Largo and beyond. Memories I treasure. You are truly in a good place. No matter what the waters being. ❤

    cooldeb · at

    Thank you Helen for sharing your perspective with regards to Hurricane Harvey. You are right…we can be on both sides as you have been and shared in your comment. Appreciate your Keys memories with George. I know the specialness…and appreciate your voice.

Ed M · at

What a beautiful place. Looks like you had a great time to spend with friends. Congrats to you!!!

Theresa Hunter · at

Beautiful pictures! Simply stunning.

Elna · at

Looks beautiful Deb. I love that you are enjoying your new home so much!

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