What do you know to be true?

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Somewhere along the course of my telly viewing, I overheard this question posed during an interview: ‘What do you know to be true?’  

I thought what a brilliant thing to explore and proceeded to ask the same of myself.

Here’s what I profess as truth-isms across my cooldeb journey of life. However, I’m still learning so I beg the option to edit at a future date.

I have God; God has me

I do not awaken to greet a day, eat a meal or work through a challenge without dialoguing with God first. I’m also committed to lifting up momentary praise be it small, medium or large, yet always striving to remain present and cognizant.

The Rolling Stones are the best band ever

I will become a 100-year-old and still believe this. Feel free to debate via comments because I know it’s coming.

Bo + Deb = Love

Man, I love my dog! My high-strung, licky-lick, beautiful Black lab son brings me peace in a hug, laughter in his antics and unconditional love in his tail wag and adoring eyes. I receive it with cognizant presence (see God connection). [Tweet “Hugging my dog brings joy to my mind, soul and being. #DogsRock”]

Now is a good state of being

Phi Phi Island Thailand

Now is about living comfortably with change and it’s about seizing the moment. Life is short so do with it what you will, warts and all. Live your own good life. When you look back with age or a heavenly presence, know that your lived experience equals a job well done.

TP rolls over and not under 

I’m not going to clarify or explain this. I’m simply going to proclaim it as something I know to be true.

Water is where it’s at

Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton is a surfer and board shaper, among many other things in life. This quote came to me via my “work husbands” Mark and Kevin, who annually and outstandingly, decorated my office for my birthday. If you are a water baby, you get it. If you aren’t, I’m sorry.

Lift often  

[Tweet “If you focus on lifting others up, the wave of life flows. Be kind to one another ya’ll.”]

Your turn.

What do you know to be true? I welcome your thoughts and reflections via comments.

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Nikki O · at

Loved this blog!

Theresa · at

What do I know to be true? That family and friends are what make life enjoyable. Take that away and you are left empty. Being a good friend for me is so rewarding because it allows me to see more of a person and when you see more you love more, and who doesn’t want to love more??

I love your opener…I have God; God has me. Well said.

    cooldeb · at

    Theresa, yes! Friends and family are true joys and inspirations in life. Thank you for being my awesome friend and for your comment.

SD Caldwell-James · at

If I have one truth it is this: Jesus

John 14:6- “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

This truth saves me over and over and over. This truth is the reason I am here; The reason why I can smile after losing my baby girl. The reason I can love and have love. The reason I have strength. The grace that keeps me going and smiling and crying and feeling. The truth that sets me FREE. 🙂 John 8:32 (even if this freedom causes heartache and pain).

Jesus/God is Real. Is my peace. That is the only truth I need to remember. I am loved. 🙂

🙂 <3

    cooldeb · at

    Thank you for sharing SD. I celebrate your living and owning God’s love.

elna · at

The Love for my child
One of the strongest emotions…… I would give my life for her.

I don’t like to exercise!!!
I know it is good for me, keeps me fit, makes me look and feel good, and lets not forget about all the health benefits……but I just DO NOT like it.

Chocolate is my superfood
Cant imagine life without and I will always have an excuse to have some, or have some more.

As with you Theresa, family and friends are what makes my world go round.

    cooldeb · at

    Elna, I happen to know you have movement in your life since you live in the English countryside. That is exercise! Friends and family do make the world go ’round…thanks for sharing!

Kay M. · at

Beautiful Deb.

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