My three words for 2014

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These are my three words for entering into 2014. I got the idea from SuzeMuse, a blogger that I follow. She got the idea from Chris Brogan, who we all know and whose been doing this exercise for a while.

It’s a fairly simple concept. You choose three words that you want to focus on for the coming year. They can reflect actions, ideas, a way of being or a way of doing. They can reflect a stream of desired consciousness for your engagement in the day-to-day. Here are mine:


I want to be intentional about asking more questions. That’s hard for me because, well, I’m a talker.

It’s not that I don’t want to know more about the interesting comments that are made and invite those involved in the conversation to unpack those comments.

It’s just that I get on a roll and I need to get everything out of my head before I forget what I want to say. (Do any of you experience this?!).

I am going to slow my roll. With that, I want to commit to being present in a new way when dialoguing with others. This will mean putting others in front of myself. This will mean caring more about the dialogic journey than the outcome. This will mean listening in a new way.

And the coolest part of this is that along the way, I bet I’m going to hear (i.e. learn) something new. 


Railay Thailand

Carefree in Railay, Thailand

I’m writing this post during my two-week vacation, a bonus of working in higher education. So naturally, I am in a carefree state right now.

And I like it.

I am relaxed, rested and happy. I have no agenda; I have no schedule.

So my test of being free of care will come once I get back to work and my daily routine of deadlines, duties and getting things done.

But I’ve been thinking – how can I approach life with a carefree attitude? How can I sustain these feelings?

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure but by choosing this word, I am going to repeat it in my head when I get stressed, charged up or driven so intently that a pull back might actually be better. I think this will broaden my thinking to see, hear and consider new perspectives.

And once again, I bet I will learn something new. I am excited to see where this will lead me.


Pescadero California

Seaside in Pescadero Cali, near Santa Cruz

I’m a water baby. Simply put, whenever I’m near water, my soul is happy.

This includes swimming in those big, wide open spaces called ‘God’s swimming pools’ aka the ocean.

And rambling and ambling in rivers.

And lounging lakeside.

And creeping along the side of a creek.

And yes, even an hour of submersion in the beauty of a soaking tub.

For 2014, I want more water in my life.

I have some ideas in mind and with God’s grace, I hope to see some of those ideas come to fruition.

So now, my question to you: What are your three words for 2014? I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section. And hey, if you only have one word, that works too.

Cheers and here’s to an inquisitive, carefree year filled with water.

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helenhebert58 · at

I have always found you very inquisitive so a little surprised about that choice. Yes you are a talker but you are a very good listener and have never been shy about asking questions. Good for you if you want to delve deeper.

Given this stressful, multi-tasking world we should all strive to be more carefree.

This has inspired me to think about my three words rather than goals! Will get back to you on this. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Fox · at

Learning, that’s my word. The number of things I should know more about and don’t boggles my mind. So I plan to dig a little deeper on things. Taking a photography class this month so I learn how to operate a camera properly. It’s a start.

Beth English · at

I think my word this year is love. I feel like I’ve been way too inwardly focused lately, and I want to focus more on the wonderful people in my life. I dug out a copy of St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer and I have it in front of me so I can remember to “not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love…” Great post!

slydawgg · at

Great post Deb. You are one of the people who inspired me to think about this in a more formal way than just in my head. The hardest word, but most powerful word for me this year = Ownership. I’ve spent so much of my life and efforts trying to conform to things and people around me. Instead, I have put forth a valiant effort this year (and the future) to stop conforming and actually “own” who I am and what I love.

Great message!

    cooldeb · at

    yay for inspiration because you inspire me through your blog, with geeks and slice of life posts ( And I love ownership for you! Perfect! Thanks for the three word post and comment!

Lyda · at

Wow — I completely agree with Helen!

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