My word for 2019 – Choose

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Since 2014, I’ve followed Chris Brogan and his tradition of selecting three words to guide the New Year. The collective group of words were an alternative to resolutions and ideally, they were inspiring and actionable. This year, I’m taking a page from Melinda Gates and selecting one word. I’m actually choosing the word – CHOOSE.

The upgraded language of Choose

Last fall, I took a Mastermind class hosted by Dr. Mick Mahan and Dr. Sandra Steen. To be honest, it’s been a while since an online course challenged me. Most of the time, they’re marketing-based and I find myself saying – yep, already got this, as I gratefully affirm what I’m doing and thinking is on the right track.

Ah, but this course rocked my world! As a brand babe who digs words, I was astounded by what I learned regarding language. Needless to say, I also realized I had room to grow in how I speak and more importantly, how to live what I speak.

CHOOSE is a word in the Conscious Language category. It’s a sister cousin to am, can, will, have, love, create and enjoy. It’s grounded in one of my favorite scriptures: “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10. This is upgraded language from try, hope, intend, attempt, perhaps, possibly, almost and want.

A trifecta+

So what does CHOOSE mean? It’s taking an intentional, proactive approach in life with your words. It means thoughtfully aligning your words with your actions, heartset and mindset. Think of it as a trifecta+.

Last year had its fair amount of challenges. Major health issues with family, a couple of home moves, unknowns with my business and at times, limiting self talk often inherent with the entrepreneurial heart.

Here’s how I’m rewiring for 2019. In the case of health issues, for example, I’d usually say, ‘Pop is hanging in there and we’re hoping he’ll get better.’ Using upgraded language, it’s now ‘Thank you for asking. He’s making progress and we’re choosing for him to get better.’ And I’d ask for prayer around this.

I am, I can

So yeah, CHOOSE is my word. Life is going to happen and continue to happen with blessings and hard stuff. How I wake up each day, how I CHOOSE to receive all of it is on me. According to Robert Tennyson Stevens, “I is God, am is action. Choose what you desire instead of what you wish to avoid.”

Your turn. What is your one word (or three if you prefer) for 2019? If you want to do this and need help, follow these five tips. I invite you to share your thoughts via the blog comments below.

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Mary Michaux · at

My word for 2019 is ACCEPT. 2018 included many changes in my life both personally and professionally . I experienced such a range of emotions so my rule for 2019 is ACCEPT what I cannot change and find the positives in situations to avoid the roller coaster of reactions. I can’t keep hitting my head on the same brick wall and expecting different results so I will work on ACCEPTING what life sends my way.

    cooldeb · at

    Mary, did you meet my word CHOOSE? It might have something to say to ACCEPT! : ) I do understand wanting to create a balance in the highs and lows. You indeed had many professional and personal experiences – including retiring! I’m cheering you along your accepting journey!

Theresa Hunter · at

SURVIVE hahaha…..2018 was stressful for me! No seriously I feel very good about 2019 and it being a NEW year. My word is OVERCOME. This year I plan to overcome many obstacles of 2018 to grow and change in a positive way.

    cooldeb · at

    Theresa, you are one of the most grace-filled women I know. Pretty durn joyful too! I can’t wait to see how you blossom with even more positivity! Look out world!

Gaby · at

My word is simplicity. I’d like to focus on purging (clothes, things, email, subscriptions, people ?) in 2019.

cooldeb · at

Great word for 2019 Gaby. Let me know how all of the purging goes as you move towards simplicity. I already started streamlining my email subscriptions. Happy New Year to you!

Marsha M. · at

Thought about you when I decided on my word for 2019. It’s purposeful.

    cooldeb · at

    Great word for you Marsha! Thank you for sharing!

Sandra Steen · at

Such a great word! This post is a great reminder for me that everything is happening by agreement and when we choose that agreement is happening by design, rather than by default. Thank you for this great post and thank you for your consistency in always choosing to play at 125%.

    cooldeb · at

    Dr. Steen, thank you for stopping by and responding! What a powerful way to capture the meaning of choose – choose the agreement and things happen with intention and purpose. I’ve missed having our Saturday cohort chats. I hope the next session is going well and I look forward to learning more in another session in 2019. Conscious Language has changed the way I live. Literally. Thank you for these language and living lessons!

Kimberly Armsworthy · at

My word is Be, as in be in the moment, be present, be mindful, be knowing that tomorrow can change in a heartbeat. With loosing a 15 yr old lab and about to face loosing a 14 yr old pug, i’m choosing to BE for them and myself. Surprisingly the little things are the most important, like taking the time to watch a deaf almost lame dog, be in the moment enjoying the snow and the sparkeling ice, watching a 7 month old puppy be in the moment with seeing his reflection for first time. Seeing a 89 year old veteran be in the moment and smiling while watching said deaf dog bark non stop at him. They say count your blessings, i’m counting my Be’s, they are numerous and make you stop and appreciate more!

cooldeb · at

Kim, what beautiful stories to share around your word. I love that your “be-ing” for Pato and Pebbles. And can’t forget Bleau. (And sorry Bleau, no doubt I got the spelling wrong). Dogs teach us everything there is to know about BE. My black lab son Bo schools me every single day. I’m his #1 student! Thank you for sharing your perspective.

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