My word for 2020 – Manifest

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Here we are, it’s mid-January already! With the start of the year, it’s also time for my annual tradition. Previously, I’ve chosen 3 words to guide the next 365 days…a sort of compass to inform and provide a positive direction. Last year, I switched it up and swapped 3 words for 1 word. It was CHOOSE. My 2019 word reflected a recent Mastermind group I’d joined focused on speaking and living with a conscious language.

Choosing to manifest

Ironically, my 2020 word is reflective of 2019. This tells me my back- to- back journeys are parallel. Honestly, I super intentionally selected my word after a fair amount of thought and crossing ideas off the brainstorm draft list. As a result, I’m embracing the connectivity with a ‘must be destiny’ perspective. The pursuit of another change year. My word for 2020 is MANIFEST.

The duality of manifesting

Photo by Mari Helin on Unsplash

Let’s start with the formal definition. As an adjective, manifest means clear or obvious to the eye or mind. It’s synonymous with being evident or apparent. As a verb, it means to display or show a quality or feeling. It’s about revealing a presence or making an appearance. I dig both and here’s why.

As an adjective, I’m hitching my wagon to God for this one. A friend recently mentioned the phrase – bless or block. I’m seeking the same in bold, new ways for 2020 and in harmony with God, both professionally and personally.

As a verb, this one’s on me. I should show up and be wholly present. Be honest and authentic and in the moment. This is a common theme across my blog posts. I need to be accountable. I need to have a consistent willingness to be ready for the day with a positive mindset and heartset. Another phrase comes to mind here from Friday Night Lights: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Standing at the fork in the road

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

2019 brought many crossroads. And to be honest, I remain at the fork in the road and there are clear decisions to be made – again both professionally and personally. I’m not as concerned with making sure I make the ‘right’ path choice. I’m more focused on moving past the fork onto a clear path of choice.

2019 fulfilled me with options, potential, openness and newness. It’s been awesome to have choices so a grateful nod to my 2019 word. For 2020, I’m ready to clearly delineate and yoke to my talent and purpose in a definitive manner. To Manifest (intentional capital).

So don’t leave me hangin’ readers and followers. What’s your word(s) to set you on the right path for 2020? I encourage you to make it a year of truth, honesty and meaning.

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Pam · at

#Oneword2020 is #Contribute with the intention that I put back more into the world than I take out of it. I was very I inspired by Tom Rath’s recent mini book “It’s Not About You.” Cheers, Debbie Schallock!

    cooldeb · at

    Brilliant. I love it and ‘Contribute’ reflects your desire to always give to others. Personally, I’m blessed to know this quality firsthand! Thanks for sharing and for also sharing Tom’s book title as a resource as well.

Catherine · at

Explore! a reminder to remain curious and open to new experiences, opportunities and growth; both for my artwork, profession and relationships.

cooldeb · at

That’s an awesome word and an ideal path for seeking growth. Cheers to your explorations my friend!

Trixie · at

It’s calm. I’m working on being more calm and centering myself this year.

Elizabeth · at


cooldeb · at

I know you started a new job with a big role this year. Plus a move. Great word to get your settled and focused for 2020!

Amy · at

For years mine has been JOY! But this year I’m really leaning towards SHINE! ⭐️

    cooldeb · at

    I can see how JOY and SHINE are cousins of each other Amy! They mean finding the good. And celebrating the good. And then letting this be apparent in all and who you encounter.

Joan · at

My word for 2020 is Truth…. time to be truthful to ourselves!

    cooldeb · at

    Awesome Joan. Truth is such an amazing attribute, isn’t it? My ‘Why’ in life, both professionally and personally is – Root in your truth. It certainly brings a sense of peace and calm, which is Trixie’s word! Thanks for sharing!

Kim · at

My word is slow, as in slow down and take notice of things, slow my breathing, slow my mind, slow my senses. And obviously i have to slow my moving. I’m taking my inspiration from a sloth.

    cooldeb · at

    We all could certainly use a little ‘slow your roll’ in our lives, right? Great word to remind you to be present, which I know was a focus for you in 2019. And yes, with your knee surgery, you will have to move slow for a while but only to retrain your muscle memory and and then it’s back to dancing in the streets! : )

Judy · at

Mine is fun. I just want to enjoy things and have fun.

    cooldeb · at

    You know the Lauper lyric…girls just wanna have fun. Go to it Judy!

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