If you’re launching a business or wanting to grow one, online content is a key component. It’s the most effective and least expensive way to build a brand while building an email list. That said, you must understand the purpose of your content and who will consume it. Joe Pulizzi, author of Content Inc. states, “You need a reason to be on every channel you decide to publish content. ‘To gain followers’ is not a viable reason. ‘To gain followers on Facebook to drive traffic back to our website to enlist subscribers’ is.”

Content development services

I write, edit, optimize and publish content to bring brands to life. My goal is to capture your brand’s voice in an authentic, honest and relatable manner to align with customer expectations.

I write content supporting long-term and short-term goals. Long-term includes thought leadership articles, blogs and website copy to build momentum and branding over 6-12 months. Short-term includes copywriting for smaller, targeted initiatives such as collateral refreshes, email campaigns and social media with a turnaround of 3-30 days. 

Content strategy services

I develop and deploy content strategies allowing your content to go on auto-pilot while building the customer pipeline. My strategies will help you address the following:  

  • Demonstrating value to your customers
  • Educating prospects about your product or service
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Cultivating prospects and customers

A key tool in my strategic process is an editorial calendar. I customize calendars specifically for startups and SMBs. Key elements include:

  • Goals: quantifying what you’re trying to achieve
  • CTA: formulating a call-to-action for prospects and customers
  • Themes: creating umbrella topics supporting trends, events, milestones, etc.
  • Keywords: selecting a single keyword to optimize content
  • Events: determining appropriate in-person or online events for integration
  • Digital support: leveraging email and social media for promotion
  • Channels: identifying the optimal online mix such as blogs, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, eguides, infographics, podcasts, among others

I’d love to jump on a 30-minute complimentary video chat to assess your needs.  Email me at debbie@seachangbranding.com to book.