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Shortly after I started in my new marketing role at Brooks Rehabilitation, one of my colleagues turned me on to Jon Gordon. Gordon is a local motivational speaker and author. She sent me his e-newsletters when his positive messaging resonated with her. Or, perhaps she thought the message might benefit me in my new role? Regardless, I enjoyed the inspirational sharing.

One day, she forwarded an invitation to sign up for ‘The Power of Positive Summit.’ I did so immediately. I was already a fan of Jon’s leadership style and communication.

For one week, subscribers enjoyed a daily series of videos showcasing personal perspectives and experiences on the power of positive thinking. Speakers came from many fields, industries, experiences and backgrounds. There were always one or two speakers who struck a particular motivational chord with me. > See below for tweets.

Hands holding a sign up that says stay positive

Lessons learned

For example, learning fanatic Liz Wiseman. > Inclines give us energy and inspiration.

I also purchased her book, “Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work.” Perfect fodder for my new role at Brooks and within healthcare! Spoiler alert: My next blog post will feature my reflections and takeaways from the book. I LOVE the idea of leveraging newness and vulnerability as inspiration for fresh thought and quick action benefitting an organization. What’s your journey – could this apply to you?

Additional speakers I found equally provocative:

  • #ATTACKthePROCESS man, Ben Newman. > Choose to rise up.
  • Jeff Goins, helping people share their gift with the world. > Act your way into clarity.
  • Leader and Engager, Antonio Neves. > People make the difference. Immerse yourself with and among positive people.
  • Joshua Medcalf, Mentor and Consultant. > Mental toughness = Putting teeth around positivity = Attitude, behavior, performance. 
  • Yogi Roth, storyteller. > The power of language & self talk. Be affirmative when you evaluate yourself & skills.
  • Christ-driven pro bowl running back, Justin Forsett. > Facing adversity? Ask how vs why. How can I learn?

The irony of timing and more lessons learned


In addition to the summit, I was also participating in a condensed version of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. I was also talking to – and yoking with God – in a new way. As part of the 7 Habits course, we crafted a personal mission statement.

Here is mine:

Fostered by my Faith…Clarity of mind and a peace-filled soul. All visibly present.

What do I mean?

  • If you are standing in a gap, do not focus on what you need to do to close the gap. Wasted energy.
  • Redirect thought to accomplishments. Good energy.
  • Acknowledge and account for teamwork, new thinking, questions, professional naiveté and His grace. Yep, all of it!

Bottom lining

A yellow road sign that says reality check ahead regarding being positive

As a reader, what is your takeaway?

  • Stand gloriously in the gap. Soak it up for time will pass and you will move on. There IS glory in the gap(s).
  • Celebrate all occasions.
  • Seek positivity in your life as it comes to you. Scratch that. Seek positivity and it will come to you.

So much lies right in front of us that can feed our work place and our personal space. We can learn from each other. Why not start now? Share a positive thought, meeting, gathering or experience that you recently had via comments.




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Theresa · at

There is so much power is applauding your colleagues when you see and admire positive action. Often we don’t get that from our own leadership and it can mean so much more when it comes from a co-worker who has nothing to gain by saying “hey amazing job on that presentation!”. Leadership isn’t always about being at the top of the food chain, it is more about leading your life, personal and professional with style and grace :).

cooldeb · at

Amen Theresa! When a colleagues recognizes your work because they know what you did and how you did it, well, that is genuine recognition. Let me be clear – I am not saying leadership praise is not genuine. However, there is a shared learning and pride among direct colleagues. And you most certainly hit the nail on the head defining leadership!

Andrea Spencer · at

Thanks for this post. I’ll have to check out Jon Gordon. Also want to say that I have always appreciated the positivity you’ve brought to my life. One example of many: You’re wonderful cards in the mail, celebrating accomplishments or expressing support. I have those tucked away and will always treasure them.

    Andrea Spencer · at

    * your

    cooldeb · at

    You were/are the work, effort, intelligence and passion so yes, honored to acknowledge Andrea! You define inspiration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Debbie Schallock · at

From Liz Wiseman on Twitter: Nice blog on positivity and how to leverage newness & vulnerability as inspiration for fresh thought.Thanks @cooldeb!

I’m ever grateful for the response and sweet tweet via ‏@LizWiseman!

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