Seeing the royal family through a disruptive lens

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“It’s not so much what we don’t know but what we think we know that obstructs our vision.” Krister Stendahl, Swedish theologian and New Testament scholar

Whether you watched the royal wedding live or the media highlights, one thing is true: we’re seeing the Royal Family through a disruptive and different lens. And I’m loving the focal point.

Love reigns for the Royal Family

Bishop Michael Curry took us to church. He stirred our souls with his message. He preached by sharing stories. And he schooled us about the meaning of love.

While you didn’t need to be present in St. George’s Chapel, it was easy to see Royal Family members and some of the wedding guests were not comfortable with Bishop Curry’s pulpit passion. They stared, looked sideways and gazed down. They politely smiled as they tried to process what was going on and what might be coming next. 

To be fair, this type of sermon was a break in tradition since it was different from the British norm. But what they didn’t understand was there was nothing to process or understand. Rather, you simply sit with an open mind and heart to receive the message – and get moved.

Although the Brits may not be comfortable with “being moved,” it’s clear the national world stage has been set. The royal lens has seen a new way to worship and most of all, celebrate love.

Stand by me reimagined

The musical selections for the ceremony were magical and uplifting. ‘Stand by me’ by the Kingdom Choir was ethereal.

It’s not common to have a Top 40 tune sung at a royal wedding. It’s not common to have a gospel choir perform the song. The connection of voice and expression under the expert direction of (Karen Gibson) moved our souls. It was refreshing to see the Royal Family honor love and commitment in a new way.

A cellist shines

Nineteen-year-old Sheku Kanneh-Mason swept us off our feet and consequently, took our breath away. Kanneh-Mason’s musical gift and emotional passion were captivating.

On Sunday, I caught the latest episode of the CBS Sunday Morning show. They produced a segment on the family, which includes seven children who are all gifted musicians. (Trust me – take ten minutes and watch this). They’re a testimony of time, talent and dedication coming together and transforming the creative gifts of God. For his special moment, Kanneh-Mason’s talent found an international stage with our eyes and ears wide open. Applause, applause.

The value of difference and the Royal Family

I opened this blog with a quote from Stendahl.

I included it because I thought it captured what I propose to be our shared, global experience as we collectively watched the Royal Family wedding celebration.

We witnessed how pomp and circumstance gets mashed up with gospel and soul to create a beautiful moment in time. In addition, we witnessed how very different life histories and cultures are woven together to provide new perspectives.

Simply put,our lens has changed. Thank you Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Personally, I think the new view is rather smashing.


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Merlyn · at

Absolutely inspiring. It was just a breathtaking moment to hear the Bishop, hear the choir and hear Sheku. It made me realize that there is much that the rest of the world appreciates from the uniqueness of people’s diverse and wholesome distinctiveness. Cooldeb – thanks for providing the links – this memorable magical moment is one for the history of all time – witnessed in our time.

    cooldeb · at

    Merlyn, you hit the nail on the head: “there is much the rest of the world appreciates from the uniqueness of people’s diverse and wholesome distinctiveness.” Perfectly stated and it’s those intentional comments, thoughts and reactions we need in today’s times. The underpinning of a wedding and love provided the perfect channel to expand people’s exposures and perspectives. I appreciate your comment!

Theresa S Hunter · at

It was beautiful and inspiring! I love how two cultures became one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us Debbie.

    cooldeb · at

    Theresa, agreed! The mashup of pomp + circumstance with gospel + soul…polar opposites yet brought together to uniquely and equally honor identity + lived experiences. Thank you for your comment!

Pat · at

Cooldeb, i love your perspective! Great blogging!

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