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I’m fresh back from NYC and while I can’t lay claim to Carrie Bradshaw adventures, I can certainly say…I enjoyed my Sidekicks and the City.

Arrival Night – Good Eats and Drinks

We arrive on Thursday evening and after catching up with our friends over wine and appetizers, we head out to dinner. Shout out to Chez Moi for the mussels, fries, beet salad and greens. Delish and we loved the 8 track tapes!  Our arrival night delivers local faire, which does not disappoint, including a night cap of adult beverages at the recently reopened Long Island restaurant. Turns out our waitress is from NC and we engage in a conversation about living life in the south and the north.

Three cheers to our Sidekicks and the City for a great opening night.

Day One – Another Foodie Day

Eataly in New York

Grilled persimmons and portabellos

The highlight of the day was our venture to the wonderlust (uh, land) called Eataly. Bravo Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich. Eataly is a market filled with food stuffs from fresh fish to dessert, annually averaging 5 million visitors, which is more than the Empire State Building. Our bonus includes the star spottings of Toni Collette and Michael Stipe. The food? To die for.

One World Trade Center in New York

Still waiting to open – One World Trade Center

We make our way to One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial. The last time I was on this hallowed ground was 2005 with my Mum, a friend and her mum. Then, it was filled with dirt, debris, destruction and was eerily quiet. Now, it is bustling with visitors from around the world waiting for hours to see the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

In this same complex, there are two memorial pools that run as deep and wide as the Twin Towers stood tall and proud. My video captures just a brief moment, but I think you can sense the peace and sanctity.

9/11 Memorial Pools

High Line Park in New York

Sidekicks ‘kick it’ at High Line Park

After this reflective time, we explore the historically transformed HighLine, a park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side.

5Pointz in New York

The Graffiti Art Scene in 5Pointz

From the park, we begin our mission to buy vinyl and visit 5Pointz to see an outdoor art exhibit. In reality, it’s an outdoor art exhibit redefined. This area is considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca;” artists from around the world have painted colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building.

Art by Kidlew at 5Pointz in New York

Art by Kidlew at 5Pointz

The art has now been painted over in a wash of white. We had a privileged window. Thank you, City Sidekicks. And thank you Kidlew, it was great meeting you.

Last Day – Brooklyn Style

On our last day, we stay local and take in the beauty of Brooklyn Heights, including walking the infamous Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Heights in New York

The beauty of Brooklyn Heights in fall

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

The ‘walk’

My cooldeb takeaway: Grab your sidekick(s) and get to the City. [Tweet “NYC is another world and does wonders to transform your view on life and living. “]

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Elizabeth · at

Love! So fun to host such cool gals and show you our new digs! What a treat to re-live our visit while reading your post! Come back….we will be waiting with a glass of mezcal! 🙂

Maptain Corgan (@davicho) · at

So glad we did all we did. Glad you had fun and was able to recharge your batteries. =) I just recently figured out the trick to get in to PDT b/f 2 a.m.…. so we have that for next time! =D

Kevin B. Bullard · at

David & Elizabeth: I didn’t know you two had moved to NYC. It was good to see you both, as well as you, Debbie, in the pics. Seems like you all had a good time away. Debbie – we’ve not spoken since you started your new position. Congratulations, and do well!

Brenda · at

Must say Well Done! I am now hungry……

Theresa Hunter · at

What, no SEX?! Are you sure? 😉

Looks like you had a lovely time. I can’t believe I have NEVER been to NYC. MUST MALE PLANS SOON!!

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