Swiffer clean sweeps the marketing competition

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I love smart marketing and unpacking what makes a good brand successful.

I was invited to speak at the Bryan School of Business and Economics on this very topic, engaging marketing undergraduates and MBA students in the discussion. My topic was exploring the synergy of strategy and social media, with integration, authenticity and (timely) activity as the building blocks. To demonstrate this, I profiled Swiffer, a company successfully using these blocks to build its brand.

What sets Swiffer apart from the competition is its inclusive approach to marketing and its ability to share real life issues and provide solutions. Both of these differentiating factors are shared through authentic storytelling.

Morty, are you listening?

You may have seen the commercial highlighting the 90-year-young couple Morty and Lee Kaufman. Their challenge was her ability to reach high places when she cleaned.

Ding goes the doorbell.

Swiffer shows up on the Kaufman’s doorstep to save the day with a full line of cleaning products, including tools for hard to reach places.

How about this commercial featuring the Rukavinas? A different family faced with the same cleaning challenges and once again, with the ring of a doorbell, Swiffer comes to the rescue.

And as a proud mum of a lab, I personally love the series Shed Happens, smartly targeting pet owners like the Slacks and our shared challenge to keep up with pet hair.

Swiffer solves authentic problems for authentic families

Through these storytelling commercials, Swiffer solves the cleaning problems of three very different families. The solutions are shared in a relatable manner and feature everyday families, inclusive of a 90-year-young couple, a bi-racial couple with a husband who has one hand and a couple who define family through pet ownership.

Each and every time, we have an audible cue of a door bell and a visibly branded Swiffer box magically appearing on the doorstep.

Score 10 for relatability

Are you familiar with the towel mop shuffle performed by the Saunders family? Ba-bam! This geo-based commercial targets families living in the Pacific Northwest, with Swiffer solving the problem of muddy footprints tracked through the house.

Another example includes the Linwoods, a Native American family honoring the cultural value of giving back. In Maleek’s own words, he’s “just giving back one clean floor at a time.”

What Swiffer has done and continues to do well is keenly carve out niche targets and use real life experiences and living environments to demonstrate the value of their product line to problem solve.

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So, I now pose to each of you faithful readers what I asked of the Bryan School students: what do YOU think?

Does Swiffer succeed with inclusive marketing? With authentic messaging? Can you relate to their marketing? What other brands do you follow on social media and why?

**All photos are credited to the Swiffer YouTube channel.

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Lyda · at

Personally, the storytelling approach appeals to me, and seems to be the wave of future advertising for people hungry for something that feels authentic. Seems like marketing is all going to one extreme or another — really campy/funny (talking hamsters), or really real. I’m for real.

Theresa · at

I love my Swiffer!!!!! 🙂

slydawgg · at

They definitely made this work. Although I have been using Swiffer for a few years now, my mom thought it was a bit of a gimmick. Although my parents actually went out after seeing the older couple use theirs, and purchased their first Swiffer. They now have a few different varieties!

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