The power and privilege of your voting voice

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Are you familiar with the voting hashtags #getoutthevote and #rockthevote? As we approach the midterm elections, I’m doing my part to help you actualize these hashtags. No, I’m not going to talk about political parties. And no, I’m not going to highlight a particular issue. I simply want you to vote.

Voting pays it forward

A blackground with white words talking about paying it forward. It's being used in this case regarding your voting voice. vote.

As a woman, the honor of voting and the privilege of voice is not lost on me. I acknowledge my collective blessings living in this country, including education, free speech, individuality, freedom and yes, a ‘voiced voice.’ Consequently, the greater circle of women I represent is an inspiration. Thank you woman suffrage movement. I’m grace-filled for the shoulders I (ideally) offer to others in the future.

Here’s a brief glance back into our voting history: 1856 for White men, 1920 for White women and 1965 for all Blacks. That’s 64 years and 109 years respectively. You do the math between gender and color. And there’s your reason to vote, all of us, with humility, gratitude and unbridled passion.

Score that move cool

Levi’s and voting. It works because we can relate. We can relate because the messaging aligns with the brand. As a result, it feels authentic and believable. Even media giant AdAge, wrote about it. Last month, I blogged about Allstate hitting this same high mark with their #carolinastrong commercial.

Sure, there’s product placement. But Levi’s also offered pop-up voter registration booths in select store locations. Score that move cool. And the message is simple. It’s an honor, privilege and most importantly, a duty to vote. The commercial shows Black, White, American, Middle Eastern, men, women, young, old and even a mom with her child on her hip getting out the vote. And the closing message? Voice.

The expression of voice

 A closeup of the silver and round part of a microphone. In this blog, the microphone represents the power of your voice when voting.

I love to blog about voice! It crosses many of my blog themes including Marketing, Inclusion and Leadership. In this case, it’s a little of all three.

  • Marketing voice. Levi’s uses their brand voice to express what they stand for – voting. If you read the AdAge article, you’ll see the company often takes a stand on popular topics and issues. Voting crosses many demographic lines and therefore, attracts a broad base of their consumers. It’s a win-win for the brand.
  • Inclusion voice. This voice most resonated with me. My eyes saw previously suppressed groups exercising their right to vote. A Middle Eastern woman in a black veil. A man with one leg on an (African?) dirt road. Arabic men and women in separate lines. Men in an impoverished Indian voting shack. My head and heart said applause applause. We’re a blessed crew of citizens in the U.S.
  • Leadership voice. Isn’t this a given? In this country, we vote for our regional and national political leadership. Vote and you affect the count. If you don’t vote, you lose your voice. Therefore, you have a leadership role and owe it to your own community, however defined, to demonstrate how voice works, looks and sounds.

So, if you didn’t register to vote, I encourage/beg/ask/plead/desire you to change this for the primary elections in 2020. If you’re registered, pony up and #getoutthevote and #rockthevote.

Hollah back in the comments section with thoughts, feedback and comments.


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