Why actionnating speaks louder than a Word of the Year or a New Year’s resolution

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Typically, my first post of the new year is about the word I choose to guide my thoughts and efforts moving forward. For 2021, I’m actionating! Last year, my word was Manifest. I can easily say it was a tough year for the world, and particularly our nation. In hindsight, (forgive me – too easy!), it proved to be an interesting word!

Reflecting back, a few things became evident and apparent – a presence was revealed – all definitions of manifest. Last month, I blogged about seeking mental clarity and higher ground as we leave 2020 behind. To date, it’s one of my favorite posts because I was inspired by so many brave and courageous people putting one foot in front of the other. Good people doing evident and apparent good work. The elevation of other over self; hope over hate; healing over hurting.

Actionnating 2021

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I’m taking a new approach this year. Instead of choosing a word, I’m focusing on daily actions. Here’s my list for actionnating 2021 thus holding me accountable at the end of the year!

  1. I’m journaling about five things I’m thankful for. This can be as humble as food on the table or as adventurous as a new homestead or professional pursuit. It can also be the big stuff, like finding healthcare breakthroughs for your loved ones or your inner circle. Selfishly, I want to capture these daily gifts because let’s face it, 2020 was a bit**. We had to look hard for the blessings. Going into 2021, I’m seeking and prepping for grace reminders throughout the year.
  2. I’m capturing random acts of kindness. Ideally, I wanted to commit to 2,021 acts of kindness. When I did the math, this equates to six acts a day. If I’m being totally honest, I couldn’t fathom doing this much, with or without COVID. Eeks. So I’m going with one a day.
  3. I’m writing a soul note. In part, this is based on how #1 and #2 school me. As we approach the end of the month, I’m already remiss about my acts of kindness because I’m living in a bubble. That said, there are so many COVID-friendly acts to do! May I recognize and move on them. And I credit Matthew Kelly, author of ‘I Heard God Laugh,’ for the idea of a soul note. I’m currently reading his book and the concept resonated.

Revving up annual words and resolutions

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Going into 2021, my bones and body needed something more than a word. A resolution wasn’t even on the radar. What was on the list was to live differently after the life lessons of 2020: COVID, racial divide, economic downturn, the demise of civility and political mayhem. And personally, the loss of two great loves in my life.

Entering into a new year, I required a reboot to survive and intent to carry on. A need for actionnating 2021. I’m guessing many of you may feel the same way. I not only invite, I ask for your words, actions, thoughts, reflections, humor, insight and inspiration for 2021 – whatever resonates with you most. Now more than ever, we need one another so please share!

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So much anti-wishful thinking!!

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    Is that sarcasm I detect George? 😄

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