Seachange Branding helps startup, small and midsize companies clarify business positioning and leverage thought leadership to compete in the marketplace. I’m Debbie, aka cooldeb‌, and I’m the brand babe and content strategist behind the company. Why should you partner with Seachange Branding? Fair question, so continue reading.

The power of words and storytelling

I was born with a marketing seed deeply planted in my soul. And God put it there intentionally. I knew my major when I went off to college (Mass Communication). I knew my desired position when I graduated from college (to work at an advertising agency). And I knew my career tenure would be filled with additional agency work, as well as client side work. I knew about these professional stepping stones because of my inherent fascination with words and storytelling. Across my 20+ years of marketing and branding, I’ve helped companies craft their stories and share their brand truth.

Debbie, aka cooldeb, smiles with her arms raised overhead with joy.

Solving problems and honing a passion

As I shared earlier, my first job was in advertising. I was a member of the sales team for a full-service adverting agency, scoring a killer industry-leading textile client. I also worked for a marketing agency managing accounts and guiding strategy. In both of these agency roles, I helped clients work through their brand awareness challenges to grow the bottom line.

I served as the director of marketing for a high-end tannery company, launching branding programs to position the company with furniture manufacturers as well as retailers – a rare endeavor for a supply partner. I spent 14 years in higher education, where I spearheaded an award-winning integrated marketing and strategic communication initiative to increase enrollment and distinguish the university among 17 schools. And prior to Seachange Branding, I developed strategies to build the regional brand presence and referral development for a post-acute care system.

In each industry, the inherent business challenge was brand awareness. And in each role, I honed my skills for leveraging the power of stories to fuel sales growth.

Own your Business Brand Groove

As a professional consultant with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial grit, I now harness my creative spirit and expertise to manage brands for startup, small and midsize companies. And it all starts with owning your Business Brand Groove.

Owning your Business Brand Groove means getting traction in order to move forward. It means grounding in who you are as a company and understanding why it matters. It means getting comfortable in your company skin and understanding the unique value you provide to your customers. Then, you can move forward with an arsenal of tactics. And the way to own your groove is to align these four branding elements: Value, Vibe, Voice and Vision.

Value is Brand Truth. Vibe is Brand DNA. Voice is Brand Trust. Vision is Brand ROI. To learn more, visit my Services page.

My Why

Root in your truth. (Photo Credit: Kay Myers)

I always ask my clients – why do you do what you do? What’s the heart and soul of your company? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

For this brand babe, my Why is simple. I’m allowed – rather empowered – to root in my truth. Now that I’m running my own business, I can let my hair down and proudly fly my brand flag without corporate restraints, politics, board oversight or egos. It’s honest, unrestricted and real. No BS.

I genuinely believe every company has a unique industry position to own and claim. When defined and articulated in harmony with an authentic thought leadership voice, I guarantee your company will experience business growth and wild, sweet success.

Come journey with me – with Seachange Branding. Let’s craft your story and own your groove.