I founded Seachange Branding to arm startups and SMBs with the right tools to clarify business positioning, leverage thought leadership and carve a competitive advantage within their market sectors. Equally, I wanted to forge partnerships with creative agencies and web designers to support client growth goals through brand management and content development.

The power of brands and storytelling

I was born with a creative soul and a deep appreciation for pictures and words. I knew I wanted to major in Mass Communication when I attended college and I knew I wanted to launch my career with an advertising agency. I also knew my career tenure would be filled with additional agency work, as well as working for large nonprofits.

I knew about these professional stepping stones because of my inherent fascination with brands and storytelling. Across my 20+ years, I’ve helped companies craft their stories and share their brand truth. As the Founder and President of Seachange Branding, I’m passionate about creating a seachange – a profound transformation for companies – so they can achieve their business goals through marketing and sales strategies centered on attracting new customers and building the pipeline.

A niche in healthcare and wellness

My career started with small businesses and early solopreneurs – people with a passion and a vision who needed an imaginative, resourceful partner. I then moved into marketing leadership roles for nonprofits in higher education and healthcare. I’ve continued to work in the healthcare and wellness arenas because I have a penchant for the good work being done in these (often) underappreciated fields.

With the launch of my own company, I’ve returned back to my original “work roots.” I know what’s required to get a startup off the ground. I understand the evolving communication needs of SMBs to make a greater impact. And I get the crazy, creative world of agencies working diligently to manage a broad spectrum of online communications for their clients.

My Why

I always ask my clients – why do you do what you do? What’s the heart and soul of your company? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

For me, my Why is simple: Root in your truth.

  • Be comfortable in your own skin
  • Align work with purpose and purpose with work
  • Do what you love
  • Embrace change with grace
  • Remain humble

For startups and SMBs, this translates into discovering your own truth. The belief that drives your vision and the energy behind your purpose. To express this in a way that feels authentic and honest while adding crazy value to your customers.

I’d welcome a partnership between Seachange Branding and your company or agency. Let’s root in your truth and together, we’ll share stories and build memorable brands