I founded Seachange Branding to arm startups and SMBs with the right tools to clarify business positioning, leverage thought leadership and carve a competitive advantage within their market sectors. I also wanted to forge creative partnerships with ad agencies and web designers to meet client growth goals. The term 'seachange' means transformation - a new perspective. Together, let’s explore unexpected approaches for solving customer problems. Together, let’s share stories and build memorable brands.

"Creativity is breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way."

Edward de Bono, Physician, Author & Inventor

Seeking new ways to reach prospects and customers online? 
Have an awesome product or service yet no one knows about it?
Struggling to get traction with your brand to build engagement?

As a startup or SMB, you’re wired differently from the 9-5. You’re wearing multiple hats and time is a precious commodity. According to the SBA, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the US. So why should anyone listen to you? Who you are, what you stand for and why it matters are core elements for successfully communicating your brand value and thought leadership.

As a startup or SMB, I’ll help you focus your digital priorities including:

  • Showcasing how your  product or service rises above the competition 
  • Clarifying what makes your business and leadership vision unique
  • Establishing thought leadership to foster trust and credibility 
  • Determining the best online channels to reach your ideal customer
Seachange Branding - defining brand value for startups and SMBs to carve a competitive advantage.


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Seachange Branding Blog

I write from three perspectives. Professionally, I share branding tips and insight tailored for startups and small businesses. Personally, I reflect on the life lessons I’ve learned through humility, grace and humor. And from a place of passion, I write as an advocate for diversity on the value of difference.
a woman sits on a bench in a train station with white walls and white floor to demonstrate the gift of neutrality and sitting still

The gift of neutrality when you hit life’s crossroad

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer,” says Zora Neale Hurston. I’m not sure about you but I’m hoping 2022 will be a year of answers. For example, over the last four …

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red and green circles of lights shining to make your days merry

Make your days merry and bright with a few of these favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things. Do you recognize these song lyrics? As we begin to wind down 2021, I’ve been blogging about my favorite tools, resources, and experts across my three blog …

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The words for all are painted in black with gold trim on a green wall

Use these free tools and learn from the gurus to build an inclusive community

For a whole world of reasons, organizations and people are focused on building an inclusive community in the workplace. Are we late to the game? You bet. Is it a long haul? You bet. Self-education …

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a white desktop with a white keyboard, bottom of a laptop stand, and a book titled brand identity

Create a high-performance brand toolkit with these free digital tools & resources

The branding universe is a big one. There’s certainly no shortage of resources, thought leaders, or online courses to navigate. I’ve been fortunate to work in this space for 20+ years. And I’ve blogged about …

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a man of color with only his nose and mouth showing smiles and he has a black goatee

Ageism smacks Gen X right in the workplace face

According to CNBC, Gen X is experiencing ageism as they look for work post COVID. This includes job seekers aged 45 and older. As a Gen Xer, I found this shocking. And yet, not so …

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A large group of people with various genders and ethnicity sit around a confernce table with papers and laptops in front of them

How an inclusive workplace and marketing can impact your bottom line

Online opportunities for learning reached new heights as we moved through COVID. I had three amazing experiences I wanted to share. All focus on fostering inclusion in the workplace and designing inclusive marketing. When your …

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Differentiating startups and SMBs from the competition with customized brand messaging

Digital marketing and digital branding are two terms often batted around and defined differently depending on who you talk to. Recently, I read 99designs’ definition of digital branding as “how you design and build your …

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a white sing has a yellow pencil on it with the words love to learn

How one white girl took the initiative to educate herself about black culture

Nine months ago I wrote a blog post entitled, “#BlackLivesMatter: One woman’s call to action for white people to listen, read, study and learn.” I clearly understood it was a delicate space after the death …

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Why actionnating speaks louder than a Word of the Year or a New Year’s resolution

Typically, my first post of the new year is about the word I choose to guide my thoughts and efforts moving forward. For 2021, I’m actionating! Last year, my word was Manifest. I can easily …

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